Wer bist Du? Was machst Du?

My name is Victor and I’m a visual artist from Madrid (Spain) who tries to survive in Berlin working as freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Beschreib deine Arbeit in drei Adjektiven

Geometric, linear and colurfull.

Welche Tür im Kiez öffnest Du am liebsten?

I always enjoy the exhibitions at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, and they have also very nice workshops.

An welchem Tresen bestellst Du den letzten Absacker?

One bier with a friend at Ankerklause.

Kreuzberg oder Neukölln?

I like both districts, but I guess Kreuzberg. I live now in „Kotti Kiez“ and I love the everyday life in my neighbourhood, the turkish market, the bars and book stores in Orannienstraße and the parks nearby my flat.